Service Cloud Overview

Complete experience management system to provide unparalleled help desk support. The Service Cloud is equipped with efficient customer service support software where your support team can easily create and manage all service requests. Set different service levels as per the importance of each associated issue.

Timesheet Management

Time is of essence in business. Timesheet management provides you with an easy way of keeping track of the efforts of your sales team. Allocate your Sales Representative and ensure they are properly utilizing their time in achieving targets.

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Service Request

A robust service request management system takes care of all customer support issues. Set the levels of escalation to automatically escalate unattended service requests, know about your best Support Representative and their level of commitment to customers

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Support Representative Management

Easy Support Representative Management offers better controls at different levels. Improve efficiency and performance by keeping an eye on their daily work routines. Manage and control permissions of confidential email communications.

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SLA Contracts Management

Define the Service Level Agreements according to the nature of the relationship between your company and service provider or end user. Manage simultaneously different levels of SLAs and define call escalation process.

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Renewals Management

The timely management of renewals ensures continuous inflow of businesses with greater customer retention and an important aspect of business for many companies. Set automatic reminders and never miss annual contract renewals.

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Customers Portal

Customer service is an important part of modern day businesses. Use the customer portal to your business advantage by ensuring seamless connectivity with your clients. Enhance social media experience and edit user profiles.

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Vendors Management

A complete vendor management module which has been specifically designed with advanced search features. Find vendors easily as per your own requirements. Apply advanced filters to find the vendors as per your own requirements.

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The online support software ensures that you can easily keep track of your support team’s time
to follow up with disgruntled customers.

The online support software ensures that you can easily keep track of your support team’s time to follow up with disgruntled customers. You can also customize service requests as per the originally defined terms of the contract. Whitehats Cloud Service Cloud gives you complete control over the way your support team spends its time resolving different customers’ issues. The system also enables you to compartmentalize access of your sales representatives as per the roles originally assigned within the system.


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