Sales Cloud Overview

Our cloud solution takes care of customer relationship management by its value added features and customizability options. Business organizations throughout the world need robust sales management solutions which ensure all customers’ information is properly and professionally managed. This is why the entire focus from the start has been better business relationship management

Lead Management

Never miss a lead again. Advanced lead management system ensures that you are easily able to keep track of all the sales efforts. Direct your sales team and assign your star performers for big accounts. You can also categorize leads as per their sources.

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Sales Representative Management

Sales Representative Management poses its own challenges. HR Managers & Sales Team Leaders alike want to have a tool which is easy to use and empowers them to quickly evaluate the performance of individual Sales Representative. Hold your Sales Representative accountable.

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Quotations & Proposal

Now, you can manage every aspect of quotation and proposal generation right from within the dashboard. Create templates of the different products that your company is offering to customers, set margins, apply approval limits and manage sales processes.

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Accounts Management

CRMs are known to poorly manage information. This is what we have changed. Our designing and development teams have ensured that you can easily access all parts of the cloud solution without the need for external assistance.

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Task Meeting & Reminders

Sales people are busy with tough routines to follow. They need to regularly make customer calls, plan days ahead for visits, and simultaneously manage multiple calendars. Now, your Sales Representative can enter all their details to better manage daily routines.

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Social Community

Social media connectivity has become an important part of sales development process. Keep your prospects close and your customers closer with enterprise level social media network while having full control over the user privacy and accessibility.

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Sales Order Management

Streamline the processes and make the life of your sales team a lot easier. The sales order management system ensures that every confirmed Sale is readily converted into a Sales Order. An automatic email is generated to update the relevant stakeholders.

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Opportunities Management

Opportunities get you closer to your business prospects. Therefore their proactive management is one of the most important steps in handling opportunities. Remain ahead of your competition and assign specific Sales Representative to important opportunities.

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Products Management

Keep an eye on all aspects of your business. Product management has been simplified to ensure easy correspondence with clients. Manage all your products, edit them and oversee as well as secure related business aspects.

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Know the sources of your lead to direct your marketing team’s efforts for
maximized business results

Know the sources of your lead to direct your marketing team’s efforts for maximized business results. One click Quotation & Proposal generation makes it easy to correspond with customers. Control profit margins on different products by assigning approval limits. Easily convert quotes into sales orders and send auto- generated emails for invoices and updates. Empower your sales team with the powerful features of Whitehats Cloud so they can keep their own records and better manage their daily business development routines.


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