Whitehats LLC Launches Whitehats Cloud Sales Software

Whitehats LLC Launches Whitehats Cloud Sales Software

Whitehats has launched the all new Whitehats Cloud. Sales software created to cater to an ever increasing demand of the customers who were looking for more than just another CRM. There are so many CRMs available in the market, yet most of them fall short of client’s expectations. Whitehats, keeping the increasing need for something more integrated with greater functionality and easy customizability. A brief introduction of why Whitehats Cloud is already way ahead of its league is given below.


Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud that captures all your business opportunities. Keep a continuous eye on the lead statuses and proactively manage your sales development efforts. You can also know the source of leads to channel your efforts accordingly. It offers you the capability to manage your complete sales pipeline. Actionable information offered ensures that you are able to outsmart your competition. One click proposal generation, internal processes for management of the entire sales process, and capability to better manage profit margins within the system. Manage orders in different stages, generate invoices, automate emails for the procurement department and do a lot more with the Whitehats Cloud.


Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is fully equipped with an internally manageable ticketing system through which you can manage your entire Support Rep team. The system allows you to provide better on-phone support. You can also assign tickets directly to the concerned person to ensure better response time for resolving customers’ issues. Automated ticket escalation for unattended issues ensures that none of the customers’ tickets remain unattended for long. Time sheet management capabilities allow you to know the time spent by your support team. Other important features include the ability to handle multiple contracts from one place, prioritization of customer service support, and management of products. View and manage all your company’s vendors from one place. The customer service portal allows you to create tickets, evaluate service offers, give feedback, and enjoy full access to call records.


Management Cloud

Management Cloud is all about managing the entire user experience. Whitehats Cloud has been built around the philosophy of giving complete control to the end users. Set profit margins right from within the cloud. Define SLAs (Service Level Agreements), manage tickets and set different levels of service as per each customer’s requirements. You can also assign tickets to individuals as well as groups of users. Whitehats Cloud’s extensive Management Cloud settings empowers you to set SEO preferences, change appearance with a different theme, and improve the layout of your emails. You can manage access of users through IP, create new user groups, and set organizational hierarchy as per your company’s unique organizational structure.



Advanced reporting helps make important business decision in a timely manner. Whitehats Cloud offers all kinds of reports for contracts, sales, leads, opportunities, and tickets. Generate reports while converting raw data with one click into meaningful information to make smart business decisions. The ability to customize and add as many columns as you would want to your report assists you in generating reports for different kinds of audiences. Get reports for tickets to know the level of support offered to customers.

This is just a brief introduction of Whitehats Cloud. Get in touch with Whitehats Cloud team today to know more about what it can do for your business.


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