Pesticide Control Company Switches to Whitehats Cloud

Pesticide Control Company Switches to Whitehats Cloud

One of the leading pesticide service providers within UAE bought Whitehats Cloud. The company offers wide variety of pesticide solutions to Commercial, Industrial and Domestic users.

The pesticide company recently moved to the Whitehats Cloud. It was previously relying upon a manual system of recording all its business activities. It used many excel sheets to keep up with the daily sales and service figures. A non-integrated way of keeping records for all the pesticide service orders resulted in losing precious client orders. This led to lower levels of productivity and disgruntled customers. And preparing reports for future business planning also became very cumbersome.

The pesticide and pest control company in UAE can now benefit from many advantages offered by Whitehats Cloud. It can now schedule service requests using the built-in calendar and also assign relevant service personnel to ensure that no single service job is assigned to more than one representative. One click report generation facilitates periodic sales reporting. The management can now generate customized reports to look at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business activity. The manual service delivery form can now be uploaded online to keep its record in cloud. It can also take account of all the chemicals used and customers serviced. Similarly, it can keep record of certifications and generate them for customers whenever they need it. It is now easier to manage certificate validation process without any hiccups. Whitehats Cloud is accessible to each authorized team member regardless of the device and platform they are using. The company can now better manage its teams by monitoring and ensuring their presence for all the service requests scheduled in advance.

All pest and control companies working within UAE or any other part of the world can take advantage of Whitehats Cloud. All its features have been fully customize to specifically help this industry take maximum business benefit, ensure well directed sales efforts, and significantly improve customer satisfaction levels.


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