Management Cloud Overview

Management Cloud is fully equipped with many controls which ensure that you overview accesses related to departments, organizational hierarchy and management of users. Advanced user controls allow you to define accesses to individuals or user groups, saving you a lot of time. The cloud management system has a completed backend panel from where you can easily manage various aspects of information access. It also has its own content management system

Cloud Management

Cloud Management is at the centre of our product. The Cloud Management allows you to manage various aspects of cloud including departments, organizational hierarchies, users, roles, dashboard, admin panel, and control accesses.

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Roles Management

Every company’s top management is busy in their day to day operations and it becomes very difficult for Senior Managers to handle everything on their own. The best way forward is to delegate tasks to members by assigning roles.

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Admin Panels

Manage and oversee all aspects of your business through Admin Panels and customize it to your own business requirements. Add more modules, manage Sales Representatives and ensure customer service KPIs are maintained.

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Dashboard Management

Complete over of all the widgets via an easy to use drag and drop feature. Organize data for easy interpretation of data through charts, summaries, and grids. Customize reports as per each user’s information needs.

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Departments Management

Easily manage departments and various organizational functions. Add as many departments as your organization requires. Control access to different parts of the departments and create groups within the departments.

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Access Management

Oversee and manage all aspects of Access Management. Add new contracts or manage the ones added previously. Control access to various business processes including Leads, Opportunities, Quotations, Proposals and Products.

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User Management

Complete user management at individual and group levels. Create new roles, block online users and manage promotions. Add custom fields for adding additional information and customize profiles of the users individually or in groups.

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The cloud management system allows you to easily add or remove modules

The cloud management system allows you to easily add or remove modules. There are many enterprise cloud management features offered within management cloud including contracts management, sales representative management, customer support and various other technical aspects. You can also change the theme and appearance of Whitehats Cloud using advanced management cloud customization options. Add custom fields, manage user groups, create or modify user roles, block users, and promote your company’s products or services from within our cloud management system.


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