Cloud Reporting Overview

Cloud Reporting offers some of the most advanced cloud based reporting tools. The business analytics offers you different kinds of reports. Analyze sales efforts, oversee contracts, manage leads, know about opportunities available and keep track of services requests. It has some of the best reporting tools features. You can customize them according to your business’s need. Create different versions of the same report for different users as per their information needs or title or job function within your organization.

Reporting Overview

Businesses make decisions based on authentic information. Our Reporting Tools help you get that information based on which you can develop vision for your company’s future and get a 360 degree overview of your business.

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Sales Reports

Business development is one of the most important parts of any organization. Generate reports periodically and customize their fields. Create bespoke reports as per needs of different user as per their level of seniority or job function.

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Contracts Reporting

Generate contract reports to know about the customers or future prospects. Contracts management allows you to easily manage large portfolio of clients by taking care of renewals management or create grouped data in summarized form.

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Leads Report

Leads help build sales pipelines. It is important for every Sales Manager to know the number of leads that are generated. The Reporting Tool helps you create lead reports to measure business development efforts by each team member.

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Opportunity Reports

Opportunities bring you closer to your prospective customers. Detailed opportunity reports enable you to easily manage and develop your sales pipeline. Ascertain total value of expected opportunities already in sales pipeline.

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Service Requests & Sales Order Reports

Measure and report on performance of the Sales Representatives. Generate reports on total number of tickets resolved and determine your star performers. Handle productivity by smartly allocating your Support Reps as per clients’ requirements.

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There are different customizable widget with a drag and drop dashboard

There are different customizable widget with a drag and drop dashboard. Add, delete or modify items within that dashboard as per your requirements. Whitehats cloud based reporting tools have been developed to ensure that all your departments’ information needs have been adequately met. Make intelligent business decisions by getting relevant reports right on the spot. These reports will also help you in improving customer satisfaction and improving quality of leads generated.


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