How To Improve Sales Results For Your Organization?

When it comes to improving the performance of your sales team, there are so many things that go overlooked. In order to remain relevant, you need to simultaneously work on different strategies which would help reduce turnover, clearly mark a path to career success and retain trust of your employees in getting sufficiently rewarded for their efforts. Here are a few takeaways you need to consider seriously when trying to re-boost that lost energy and drive in the sales efforts.

The Compensation Structure

There is no one way to determine the type of compensation that your staff would be expecting from the organization. However, in order to remain competitive, you need to seriously consider the other companies working within your industry. The type of compensation offered to the sales people is usually a mix of fixed and commission based. If your sales team is losing its star performers, then compensation can be one of the reasons that you might not have seriously looked into. Therefore, always take the time to re-evaluate your compensation structure to make sure that it is at par with other competing organizations. If you fail to deliver that kind of promise that other companies offering in terms of remuneration, it would be very difficult to keep your sales staff motivated to the cause of business development.


Never mix top performers with the average or mediocre ones. The idea is to mentor each one of them as per their requirements. It is vital to mentor the top performers by letting them know that they will be the future sales leaders of the company. It is equally important not to let the less than average performers down because of their performance. If you feel they are putting their best and there are factors beyond their control, you need to keep backing them up. Otherwise you will only be left with the top performers stretched beyond their working capacity for taking care of too many regions.


The actions that you take must be visible to all sales staff members. For example, one organization just internally rewards the sales personnel by giving them cash awards. On the other hand, there are companies that conduct events where they would publicly applaud the efforts of the top sales performers. The difference in the approach is of transparency. When you are open to accountability and letting the mediocre performers knowing that they will be rewarded if they perform better, this would ignite a passion in them to do more efforts to reach that level.

Promotion To The Top

Promotions are very important for sales persons. Therefore, never underestimate the power of promoting the right people to the top. Some organizations are too bureaucratic in their promotions. This kind of attitude towards your employees will only alienate them and they would start finding other avenues and exploring better career prospects. Therefore, when you feel the need to promote someone to the top, make sure that you do that right away. The promotion of one deserving individual lets other people know that your organization cares about performance and nothing else. The frequent promotion of talent to the top does not only keep your employees motivated but also ensures that they keep on performing to the best of their abilities.

Sales Quota Allotments

When you are assigning sales targets, you need to be fair with the allocations. You need to be realistic about the region’s potential assigned and the targets that a sales person needs to get out of it. Often sales people are overburdened by business development targets that they cannot achieve. This kind of approach leads to frustration and acts as complete disappointment. You need to create a balance between too high and low figure sales targets by correctly assessing each region. This way there would be no surprises for the company or the sales person responsible for achieving the target.

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