How to Train Your Sales Team on CRM Software?

No matter how good or useful the CRM is, unless your team starts using it, it will have negligible to zero impact on your sales or revenues. Many companies have set up processes to ensure that their sales team uses the CRM but nothing worked. The companies that have built CRMs, did their best to provide you with all the features that your team would ever require. Here are some simple things that you can do to make your team use CRM and help you maximize ROI on your investment.


Add Fun Elements

CRM has usually been considered as a boring piece of software that only means entering raw data into it, generating reports and looking at its dull interface. Whitehats Cloud offers one of the most interactive CRM software available in the market. You can socially interact with your customers, provide information on shared network and ensure that a collaborative environment is promoted. A simple thing like enabling your sales reps to wish happy birthday to your customers would go a long way in making the environment a lot more fun. Similarly, hold discussions with your staff members to ask the different ways in which each of the staff members uses the CRM.


Make Collaborative Effort

If you are managing your sales efforts offline, you know that it takes a lot more effort to collaborate. The offline sales management is not integrated and sharing data makes the life a lot more difficult. On the other hand if you are using a CRM that offers integrated data at one place, it can be communicated to the sales reps as something which would help make their life a lot easier. Try to find team leads that are willing and able to help others get apt at using the CRM. This kind of collaboration would help encourage the use of CRM software in the company.


Offer Comprehensive Training

Training is very important for the success of any software and CRM is no exception to that rule. New CRM software offer comprehensive modules and additional functionality to the users. However, until the users really know about all these features, they cannot really take advantage of. You should also set realistically expectations from the type of training that you are providing. No matter how well you have trained your staff on CRM, they need take time before they can start using it for all their routine tasks. Make sure that you listen to their questions carefully and answer them well in time so they do not have any confusions.



Any organization that wants to make CRM as part of its routine for the sales staff must incentivize its staff members. You can announce prizes for the number of calls recorded in the CRM system or the number of reports generated using the CRM instead of going the manual way. There can be many different types of point systems devised to ensure that the sales reps and even managers are using the CRM software for recording all their daily routine for sales pipeline management cloud software in Dubai


Lead By Example

Any change inside an organization does not come if the senior leadership does not endorse it. One of the best ways to do is by leading with example. Use the CRM software for yourself or ask the senior management to do it for recording all the business activity taking place inside the organization. This approach is very useful to let the lower staff know that the management is very serious about the use of the CRM software.


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