How Can Customer Service Drive Sales?

Customer service is not just a thing of the fact that makes your customer feel good. It is one of the most important aspects of doing business. When you fail to provide great customer, you are actually heading for a debacle. Successful organizations which aim for the long haul are always concerned about the quality of customer service they are offering. Here are some ways in which customer service can help increase sales.

Timely Follow Up

Customers want to deal with a company that takes their complaints very seriously. They do not want to be left to wait when they are in a difficult situation. Therefore, timely follow up with the customers to resolve their problems is one of the most important aspects of high quality service. Make sure your organization takes all incoming customer inquiries seriously and replies at the earliest possible. In case the company’s Support Reps are too busy, you should let the customer know about the status of busyness and the amount of time it would approximately take before you can actually take on their problem. This way the customers would know that you are working on fixing the problem and the time that they should by which their problem would also be taken care of.

Ticket Escalation

Make sure that your Support Reps are supported by a robust Ticket Management System. Advanced ticket management systems get automatically escalated after a certain time if they are not attended by a Support Rep who was acting as the first response person. This way a supervisor or other senior resource would step in. Therefore, automatic ticket escalation is highly recommended to guarantee customer satisfaction. This kind of escalation ensures that a customer complaint or issue does not go unnoticed for a very long and someone comes in to take care of it.

Train Your Support Rep for Customer Service

Customer service may come naturally to some people as they tend be gregarious and easygoing, while other technical staff may not be very well versed with the concept of “delivering” high quality customer service. Customer does not just mean solving the issue of the customers. There is a lot more to customer service than meets the eye. The Support Rep must dress professionally when visiting a customer’s premises. They should know the importance of patience and empathy. A good Support Rep is also a person always willing to listen to the issues and then resolve them one by one. Therefore, emotional quotient is an important part of a super-star Support Rep’s DNA.

Technical Knowledge of Support Rep

A wide smiley face is not enough; a Support Rep needs to have a strong conceptual base about the potential issues. Technical staff needs to remain updated on the latest developments within their field to remain abreast of the new industry trends. In IT support industry for example, many Leading IT Support Service Providers regularly conduct new certifications and in-house courses to keep the skills of their employees sharp. This also helps them gauge their anticipated performance during client visits. A knowledgeable Support Rep is better equipped to confidently manage all customer complaints. On the other hand, if the Support Rep is not knowledgeable, they would only bring bad name to their organization and would be of no value to the customer.

Identification of Upsell & Cross-sell Opportunities

An important of a Customer Support Rep Management is to keep the customers in loop about the latest products and services offered. A well trained Support Rep lets the customer know about the various new and exciting offers. However, you need to develop that habit into your Support Reps to be able to identify those opportunities and try to convert them. This is another way of getting customers what they want and increasing your revenues in the due process. Many Support Reps ignore customer inquiries about change or replacement of an item. Train your Support Reps well enough so that they can convert these questions into potential leads.


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