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Our Top Best CRM Software Solution in Dubai | Abu Dhabi takes care of customer relationship management by its value added features and customizability options. Business organizations throughout the world need robust sales management solutions which ensure all customers’ information is properly and professionally managed. This is why our entire focus from the start has been better business relationship management.

It is feature rich, enabling you to manage your sales pipeline, keep an eye on opportunities, and guarantee prompt follow ups. It has been developed while keeping changing dynamics of your business customer relationship in perspective. Assign customers to more responsible team members and maintain records of all the follow ups. Management cloud takes care of all the users’ requirements. The ability to add more modules ensures greater adaptability for all kinds of business uses. It offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to add more modules and functionalities as per the unique nature of your business or industry.


Manage your leads like never before. Customize the level of opportunities to suit your own industry.

This CRM provides you with the flexibility that no other off-the-shelf CRM software can parallel. Get a quick overview of the sales order, review reports 360 degree and never miss a follow-up reminder again.

Higher Levels of
Customer Satisfaction

A complete customer service support portal built from ground up to meet your clientele’s needs.

Manage your vendors through an easy to access and customizable Vendor Management Module. You can also tag vendors to easily categorize and find them.

Social Connectivity
Never Before

Go Social without going public. Our Enterprise Level Social Networking allows you to socialize with your customers.

Provide them access to the areas you are comfortable with. Easy to use and understand controls make user-management super-easy. Create social accounts, write on walls, tag, share and comment while remaining protected all the time.

More Accessibility On
The Move

It works exceptionally well on every device and operating system. Access the metrics from anywhere.

Smart and responsive software has a friendly interface, making it easy for you to view it on any screen space, big or small. Its optimized viewing experience delivers high value content and quality user experience.

Advanced Tools Offer
Detailed Reporting

View reports through a comprehensive dashboard covering the entire sales funnel in detail.

Make comparisons, draw charts or use the data in any way you like to. Easily convert it into meaningful and actionable information.

Intelligence Based Smarter

Equipped with powerful analytics which delivers competitive intelligence to enable you to make smart business decisions. You do not need to worry anymore about the leads. It ensures that you can easily trace your leads’ source and continuously monitor them for frequent follow up. You can also use it to improve the quality of sales leads generated.

Our cloud solution leads the CRM systems in Dubai, allowing you to easily manage your entire time from one place. One click proposal and quotation generation automates the business process. It is backed by a robust service request management system through which you can oversee your team’s allocation and performance. The online CRM ensures easy renewal of contracts. You can categorize your products, set their expiry and oversee everything related to the sales function.


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